Let Your Built Environment Reflect Your Essence!

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Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

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Welcome to SOLLIEVO

Systems for Conscious Living
Nurturing Inner and Outer Environments

Environments are our specialty and main focus.
Whether you are looking to build your dream structure, spruce up your built or inner environments,
You came to the right place.

Learn more about inner and outer environments, how they are intricately related and how
They govern the quality of our lives.

Give your outer environments the highest expression of your essence by cultivating your inner environment first.



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How to Most Effectively Collect Rain Water

Collecting rain water should become a priority for every property owner, whether residential or commercial. Just like it is normal to think of planting a beautiful landscape surrounding your structure, it should be normal to think of rain water collection as an extension of your landscape irrigation system.


Drought and the Wisdom of Collecting Water

It is easy in this day and age to question why anybody should do any “extra work”, anything beyond ones duties, when those duties are already overbearing on everyone’s schedule.