About Us


We are passionate about simple and logical solutions that work and enhance our environments.
With over 20 years of Architectural experience in Santa Barbara County we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in bringing your architectural dream project to light.
Much is involved in completing a project smoothly and successfully and we work with a team of other professionals to ensure every aspect is uncovered, addressed and integrated seamlessly.
We also provide guidance through the complexities of the many permitting process steps.

Daphne Romani
Daphne Romani

Principal Architect
Certified TRE® Provider

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Daphne relocated to Santa Barbara, CA, in 1997, when she quickly immersed herself in the local architectural scene. Her early experience granted her insights into the Spanish Colonial Revival design and detailing that made Santa Barbara the special town it is today. Interest in sustainable design and practices later brought her to expand her experience and knowledge on the subject. This expansion focused on Permaculture design principles and practices, alternative construction materials and overall systems design that can be seamlessly integrated with her architecture.


Through her personal life experiences Daphne eventually expanded her interests to also include the human organism, its structure and all its intricate systems and how they affect our outer environments.
Seeing how overwhelming and stressful the architectural projects can be for clients and developers alike, it is then that she decided to incorporate this new knowledge in the way she assists clients with their projects.
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Our Approach



Every Project starts with what the client needs, wants and envisions (Program).
Special care is taken in learning every aspect that needs to be integrated in the final result.



Every lot, structure and area is goverend by a different set of rules and regulations that need to be met and followed.
Gathering this information early is essential in assuring smooth project development and delivery.



Nobody likes surprises and unknowns.
Once the scope of the project is defined, boundaries and restrictions are identified and a clear path forward is outlined we like to keep clients informed about the progress of the project as it moves forward and provide guidance for the myriad of decisions that are required along the way.