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No matter what size your project is, we can help you achieve your goals.
From small Residential Remodels and/or Additions, Commercial Tenant Improvements, both residential and commercial New Construction.

We can walk you through the design and approval process required to bring your project to life.


Any structure, regardless of its nature, is supported by a variety of Systems (Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Waste etc.)
Are you interested in alternative Systems? You may want to consider a Rainwater Harvesting System, Solar or Wind Powering System, Solar Hot Water System, Graywater System, Food Production System or other.

Just let us know what your interests are and it is only logic to design and include those early on in the design process.

TRE® Instruction

When life starts to feel overwhelming it is a good idea to apply a little Self-Care, the most selfless act one can do.
TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is the perfect tool to learn and apply in your life, as needed.
It will help you feel at ease in everything you do.

Check out options for Individual Sessions and classes being offered.

BEMER Technology

BEMER Technology supports optimum health by improving general bloodflow.
Improved blood floow means more efficient oxygen and nutrient delivery and waste disposal for every cell of every organ in the body.


Having a personal meditation practice is essential to maintaing a balanced lifestyle amidst the chaotic daily activities we are all subjected to.
Many paths can lead to positive outcomes and not all paths are right for all people.

I am excited to share the technique that has sustained me for over a decade, Kriya Yoga Meditation, in the lineage of Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri.
We try to host our teacher locally regularly for Initiation Weekend Programs.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about it and would like to be notified of the next local program.


As we take care of our Inner and Outer Environments it is essential that we pay attention to the quality of the Food, Personal Body Care and Home Cleaning Products we expose ourselves to.
When you start this process from within (concentrating on the Nervous System first) this interest will automatically unfold and we can support you on this path in a variety of ways.
These include guidance and education about what to avoid, natural and healthy alternatives, home made product recipes and supporting home Food Production Systems.


Purify your Spaces, Body and Mind with Essential Oils. Make them an integral part of your daily routines and first aid kit.
We would love to share our knowledge and experience in using these amazingly powerful concentrates of Nature.
They can easily be integrated in your new body and home care products.

Are you ready for a new adventure in curiosity and amazement? Ask us about Essential Oils.


In this age of information it seems we all have to be experts about everything, but you don't have feel ovewhelmed about it, because there are those that have already experienced it and can share their knowledge. Take the opportunity.

The subjects we like to share with you are Architecture and its processes, Sustainable Living practices and Systems, Relieving the effects of stress and trauma, how to purify your Inner and Outer Environments and how to naturally rebalance your life with meditation.


Daphne is a gifted therapist. In her care I felt a deep sense of safety in my body, as if being held in loving arms with full acceptance. She maintains a powerfully gentle full body presence. Her skillful observation of every movement as it pulsates through the body is beautifully balanced with a natural ability to know when to speak and when to ease back to allow the body to do what it is designed to, reorganize itself. Daphne possesses an innate sensitivity to others’ needs that compliments her understanding of the body systems with their natural patterns of contraction and expansion. I trust her completely and am grateful for the work she does.

Kimberley Kaiser Stern
(TRE® Instruction)

I recently contracted with Daphne Romani to help me develop an initial conceptual design for a community of earthbag homes that I am developing. Daphne's ability to take my design criteria and output a beautiful set of hand-drawn elevations, floor plans and lifestyle-type images. Daphne's creativity, artistic ability and professionalism are very dependable.

Josh Berkley

Daphne tackled an unusual permitting problem with my home in the City of Santa Barbara. We have unconventional structures and materials on the property, something of a "round peg" relative to the "square hole" of project permitting. With her solid understanding of the bureaucratic landscape, her clear and direct communication style, and her professionally attractive architectural plans, she has guided us seamlessly through the process.

Ben Werner