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No matter what size your project is, we can help you achieve your goals.
From small Residential Remodels and/or Additions, Commercial Tenant Improvements, both residential and commercial New Construction.

We can walk you through the design and approval process required to bring your project to life.


Any structure, regardless of its nature, is supported by a variety of Systems (Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Waste etc.)
Are you interested in alternative Systems? You may want to consider a Rainwater Harvesting System, Solar or Wind Powering System, Solar Hot Water System, Graywater System, Food Production System or other.

Just let us know what your interests are and it is only logic to design and include those early on in the design process.


I recently contracted with Daphne Romani to help me develop an initial conceptual design for a community of earthbag homes that I am developing. Daphne's ability to take my design criteria and output a beautiful set of hand-drawn elevations, floor plans and lifestyle-type images. Daphne's creativity, artistic ability and professionalism are very dependable.

Josh Berkley

Daphne tackled an unusual permitting problem with my home in the City of Santa Barbara. We have unconventional structures and materials on the property, something of a "round peg" relative to the "square hole" of project permitting. With her solid understanding of the bureaucratic landscape, her clear and direct communication style, and her professionally attractive architectural plans, she has guided us seamlessly through the process.

Ben Werner